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Pour Into Me Outreach and Support Group understands that with early financial education, given resources and life skills we can help break financial generational curses amongst our youth as they prepare for their future and stabilize their families., We also believe that with these same values, ex-offenders will be allowed the opportunity to build and rebuild stable families as they are welcomed back into society. 

Classmates in Library

Our mission is to eradicate poverty of underserved, marginalized communities by equipping and empowering individuals through financial literacy and credit education.

Father and Son

Through partnership, Pour Into Me Outreach and Support Group goal is to envision a world where every individual possesses a well-established financial future.

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Essential to our success, these values are the foundation of our organization and serve as the spout through which we pour into every business decision . They guide how we conduct ourselves, how we work with each other and how we interact with the community in which we serve. 

Exhibit Excellence - We will demonstrate to the world that we not only strive for significant pursuits but also excel at achieving them.

Collaborate - Our aim is to collaborate with other agencies and community partners to complement the existing resources available, rather than duplicating them.

Making a Difference - To take actions that positively impact others and the world around us and encouraging individuals and organizations to strive for meaningful change and contribute to the greater good.

Community-Centric Dedication - We are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of others and the world among us, Our mission is to inspire individuals and organizations to pursue meaningful change and contribute to the greater good. 

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